Thursday, March 25, 2010

Because my memory is about as reliable as an Obama campaign promise...

It occurs once in an unspecified period of time, without warning of when it will arrive or advanced notice of when it will depart. It leaves those affected shocked and, at times, scared or amazed, but more than anything, it causes confusion, or laughter, or more often, confusion followed by laughter, laughter followed by confusion, or the two simultaneously. Occasionally, it will cause a run-on sentence. And as soon as it comes, it disappears, much like t.u.'s #1 NCAA Men's Basketball Ranking...quickly long gone, likely never to return again...

Every so often, I'll have a bright idea, or at least what I think is a bright idea (and it is my idea, isn't it, so I get to decided it's how luminous it truly is...darken or dull or shade your own:-P). Or perhaps I will encounter something during my day that I think is worth recounting. Even more likely, something will frustrate, confuse, or fill me some such intense emotion, and I'll want to vent/contemplate/share it, respectively.

More likely, however, I'll have random musings or goings-on that I want to document for posterity (or at least I think for posterity, based on what my current understanding of the word is, and I'm not going to bother looking it up for now:-P), which will likely be of little interest to anyone else...but Mom, since I know you're getting bored with my lack of Facebook profile updates and Gmail status changes, here's more for you to read.

And because my memory lasts about as long as my red blood cells (these med school faculty insist they die within 100 days of being made), I surely need to have a backup copy of such things. And since our brains are constantly being replaced by electronic memory (eg I couldn't call more than 2 people on the telephone if I lost my cell, but that's another post altogether), I figure this blog is the logical choice.

Whether or not anyone else out in the land of make-believe (72% of "facts" stated on the internet are false) and pseudoanonymity (had you fooled there for a second thinking about who "aggiechris06" might be didn't I??) known as the internet wants to read them, I know surely that I won't remember them with the detail with which I'd like.

And so it begins.....I reserve the right for this to be my last blog post ever, and that is a definite possibility. But in the case that it isn't, with my last year of med school, a baby due in May, a rotation in Botswana in August, and interview season and residency looming, this should get pretty interesting...

On second thought, maybe this will be my last post ever:-P


  1. Whenever you need to call someone, look up the number on your cell phone and dial it. Pretty soon, you'll have all the important numbers memorized. Love,

  2. hahaha. i knew dad was gonna put that!!! and i want you to have more blogs! :) please

  3. It would be really mean to say I'd be the most interested (which just may be true) and then never post again...Love you, Mom

  4. now for a non family member's comments...keep blogging. Especially when Paudrig (sp?) gets here!